WCWS History -Including Past Presidents and National Show Jurors


The Western Colorado Watercolor Society was formed in 1989 by artists from the Western Slope of Colorado, including artists from Austin, Cedaredge, Delta, Grand Junction, Hotchkiss, Mesa, Montrose and Palisade. The organization began with 14 original members who envisioned a society that would promote the arts in this region. They wanted a group who would encourage each other and help artists reach new heights in their work. They also wanted to promote the arts through a national show that would attract top watercolorists throughout the United States. The first national show was held in 1991.

The Society continues to offer excellent demos and critiques. They bring in nationally known artists to jury the annual “Rockies West National” exhibit and to give top notch workshops. The show continues to attract water media artists throughout the nation. Many entrants elect to join the organization to earn Signature and Master Signature status. To attain Signature membership, artists must be accepted three times and maintain their membership in the Society. Master Signature status requires acceptance of ten paintings in ten shows.

The Society also sponsors non-juried local members’ exhibitions which give all our members, no matter whether amateur or professional, an opportunity to display their work. The society stays committed to the promotion of the arts and encouraging their members to be involved wherever they live. Western Colorado Watercolor Society is a 501(c)3 organization. All donations are tax-deductible.



  • Tim Brady, Grand Junction 2015-22
  • Virginia Blackstock, Hotchkiss 2014-15
  • Dani Tupper, Delta 2008-14
  • Sandy  King, Grand Junction 2006-8
  • Cynthia Callahan, Aspen 2004-5
    Lou Cain, Hotchkiss 2002-3
    Kay Ambrose 2000-1
    Lou Cain, Hotchkiss 1998-9
    Shirley Dickson, Grand Junction 1996-7
    Dorothy Garber, Hotchkiss 1994-5
    Wilda Fortune, Grand Junction 1992-3
    Dorothy Garber, Hotchkiss 1990-1
2023 Betty Carr
2022 Lorraine Watry2021 David Smith

2020 Ken Call

2019 David Smith                                                                                                                                                                           2018 Fealing Lin                                                                                                                                                                            2017 Iain Stewart                                                                                                                                                                         2016 Tom Francesconi
2015 Fealing Lin
2014 Ratindra Das
2013 Laural Covington Vogl
2012 Frank Francese
2011 Paul Jackson
2010 Judi Coffey
2009 Frank Francese
2008 Carla O’Connor
2007 Betty Carr
2006 Jean Grasdorf

PRIOR YEAR JURORS –  2005 back 1991
John F. Salminen, Michael Schlieting, Don Andrews, Diane Maxey, Doug Walton, Marilyn Hughey Phillis, Arne Westerman, Carole Barnes, E. Gordon West, Maxine Masterfield, Stephen Quiller, Cheng-Khee, Judi Betts, Nita Leland, and Kurt Sala